Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

The only non-profit law firm in the Chicago area that focuses solely on low and moderate income renters in the private housing market. LCBH empowers truly disadvantaged renters, prevents wrongful eviction, and fights sub-standard living conditions to ensure all our Chicago neighbors can have a safe and decent place to live.
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Primary geographic focus: Illinois
Organization type(s): Provider


News Story

Renters in Chicago’s black neighborhoods 4 times as likely to face eviction as those in white areas

Javonte Anderson
Chicago Tribune
May 16, 2019
Fair housing advocates said the racial disparity in eviction filings is linked to poverty, instability and other historical racial dynamics that warrant further exploration.

News Story

In A Battle With Your Landlord? Lawyers Designed This Chat Bot To Help Tenants Get Free Legal Aid

Pascal Sabino
Block Club Chicago
October 7, 2019
Renters, be aware — there’s a new resource out to help get tenants free legal aid across Chicago, particularly in areas facing high eviction rates.

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