One80 Place

A Charleston, SC, housing-first nonprofit that seeks to end homelessness one person or family at a time, providing housing services, training, health care, legal services, veterans services and a community kitchen.
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Primary geographic focus: South Carolina
Organization type(s): Provider


News Story

Charleston County housing court helps families avoid eviction

Alissa Holmes
WCSC-TV (Charleston, SC)
October 23, 2019
Charleston County recently launched a new housing court that provides legal help to low-income families facing eviction.

News Story

Renters facing eviction find help as Charleston’s housing court gets underway

Skyler Baldwin
Charleston City Paper
October 8, 2019
Perhaps the greatest benefit of the attorneys' presence was the compensation they asked for: none. All attorneys who helped the tenants plead their cases before the judge were volunteers who asked for nothing in return, only the opportunity to help even the odds.

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