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Amherst council supports legislation requiring legal aid for indigents facing eviction

Jim Russell
February 25, 2020
By a 13-0 vote Monday, the Town Council approved a resolution supporting a bill pending in the state Legislature that would provide legal assistance for indigent tenants facing eviction.

News Story

SJC Chief Justice Ralph Gants endorses right to a lawyer for tenants and landlords in eviction cases

Shira Schoenberg
October 30, 2019
Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants on Wednesday endorsed a bill pending before the state Legislature that would provide legal representation to indigent parties in eviction proceedings.


Online self-help center would level legal playing field

Jake Hofstetter
October 8, 2019
By developing an online self-help center, Massachusetts has the opportunity to make our civil courts fairer for people forced to represent themselves.

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