Pro Bono Legal Program at Oklahoma City University

Pro Bono Legal Program at Oklahoma City University

Primary geographic focus: Oklahoma
Organization type(s): Law School
Tags: Housing: Eviction

Pro Bono Housing Eviction Legal Assistance Program (HELP)

A staggering 200 families face eviction in Oklahoma County every week. Many of these families have limited knowledge of their rights as tenants and many do not have access to an attorney before reaching Oklahoma County’s Forcible Entry and Detainer docket. OCU Law has received a generous grant from the Oklahoma Bar Foundation to create HELP.

HELP was created to provide assistance to those facing eviction by informing them about their procedural and substantive rights, and we hope, detouring them from facing the consequences of eviction.

The program is directed by Richard M. Klinge. OCU Law students who have a community-driven work ethic are recruited to help these families while gaining experience with basic legal skills.

As rent throughout the country continues to rise, so will the number of families needing this assistance. HELP’s goal is to alleviate some of the stress families face in troubled times.


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KOKH-TV (Oklahoma City, OK)
April 28, 2020

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