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Unsanitized: Poor People Endure Multidimensional Hazards to Access Crisis Relief

David Dayen
American Prospect, The
May 18, 2020
So the poor have it coming at them from all sides. Creditors and predators are after the one-time payments. They endure numerous indignities to get boosted unemployment and only a little over half of them have been successful so far.

News Story

CFPB Summoning Zombie Debt Back to Life

Alexander Sammon
American Prospect, The
September 18, 2019
The consumer agency is finalizing new rules on debt collectors that would enable them to get judgments on illegitimate debts.


Trump Targets the Legal Services Corporation

Dorothy Samuels
American Prospect, The
April 11, 2017
Another presidential assault on the courts and poor people—and another critical institution heedlessly threatened.


Remedy for an Ailing Civil Justice System: Preventive Legal Care

Julia Huston
American Prospect, The
January 14, 2015
Too many people are finding themselves alone in the courtroom in civil cases. Trust and efficiency in the civil justice system sink as a consequence.


Tenants Facing Eviction in Era of Skyrocketing Rents Need Legal Assistance

Martha Bergmark
American Prospect, The
September 18, 2014
Without legal assistance, tenants often miss crucial steps and find themselves out of a home.

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