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Study: Many poor Oregonians can’t afford a lawyer to solve life-altering legal problems

Aimee Green
February 28, 2019
A new study finds that only about 16 percent of low-income Oregonians who need legal representation get it for their needs in the civil justice system.

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Oregon’s poor can’t afford attorneys for their problems: One clinic this week beefs up free help

Aimee Green
February 12, 2016
A group of attorneys from one of the state's biggest law is teaming up with Legal Aid Services of Oregon to provide a series of hourlong consultations to low-income people living in the rural counties.

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ABA President Calls for Reform to Meet Legal Needs of the Low-Income

Jeff Manning
October 13, 2014
If reform isn't done, the Justice Gap will continue to grow, says ABA President William Hubbard. More and more people in the middle class are now being affected as well.


Continue the discussion about legal aid funding: Guest opinion

Tom Kranovich
March 6, 2014
Oped by the president of the Oregon State Bar, who is concerned that, "Oregon’s legal aid system is woefully underfunded.... All four of Oregon’s legal aid providers have lost considerable funding."

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