Colorado Legal Services

A non-profit corporation that has assisted persons with low income and seniors in the State of Colorado for over 85 years.
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Primary geographic focus: Colorado
Organization type(s): Provider
Lists: LSC, LawHelp

The mission of Colorado Legal Services is to provide meaningful access to high quality, civil legal services in the pursuit of justice for as many low-income persons and members of vulnerable populations throughout Colorado as possible.

Within our website you will find self-help legal information for civil legal matters, where to find no or low-cost legal help, court information and other referral information. Colorado Legal Services only assists with civil legal matters.


News Story

Colorado Potato Packing Plant Settles Sex Harassment Suit

Associated Press (AP)
October 7, 2015
The operators of a Colorado potato packing plant have agreed to pay nearly a half million dollars to settle accusations that it tolerated the sexual harassment of more than a dozen of its female workers for over a decade.


A Lawyer Explains the Struggles Faced by Migrant Farm Workers

Sarah Bellman
November 11, 2016
To get a more in-depth look, we called Jenifer Rodriguez, Colorado Legal Services' Managing Attorney of the Migrant Farm Worker Division, who specializes in assisting these vulnerable workers.

Letter to Editor

Don’t cut funding for legal services

Daily Gazette (NY)
March 24, 2017
Eliminating funding of this critical organization would be devastating to our most vulnerable people at the most vulnerable times of their lives.

Letter to Editor

Trump budget threatens legal services for the vulnerable

Abigail Smith
Daily Camera (Boulder)
April 1, 2017
If we are unwilling or unable to fight for access to legal assistance now, we will heap injustice on those who can least afford it.


Loss of legal services would threaten foundations of democracy

Julie Reiskin, John Zakhem
Colorado Springs Gazette
May 28, 2017
Access to justice is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it is an American value. As the Honorable Learned Hand cautioned, "If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice."

News Story

Low-income renters at risk of eviction in Denver can now seek legal help from a City Council-backed defense fund

Jon Murray
Denver Post
June 13, 2018
Council offices and members contributed $131,500 for program that’s expected to last 6-9 months.

News Story , Video

Program Aims To Help People Facing Eviction With Legal Aid

Michael Abeyta
KCNC (Denver)
June 13, 2018
One of the biggest challenges to the population boom in the Denver metro area is a lack of affordable housing. The price of rent is skyrocketing and that’s leaving some out on the streets.

News Story

New Denver pilot program to provide free legal services for people facing eviction

Blair Miller
KMGH (Denver, CO)
June 13, 2018
The pilot program comes on the heels of a study that showed that most tenants facing eviction can’t hire lawyers because they either choose not to or can’t afford one.

News Story

New Program Hopes to Give Tenants a Fair Chance in Eviction Cases

Sara Fleming
Westword (Denver)
June 13, 2018
With rent prices spiking, Denver is in the midst of an eviction crisis.

News Story

Colorado Legal Services provides a free monthly legal advice clinic for low-income Summit County residents

Deepan Dutta
Summit Daily News (CO)
July 5, 2018
For working folks in Summit County, there's never enough money left at the end of each expensive month. So when a legal crisis hits, paying potentially thousands of dollars for a lawyer might just be impossible.

News Story

Eviction reduction effort set for Adams, Broomfield counties as tenant rights pilot program readies for launch

John Aguilar
Denver Post
October 28, 2018
Escalating home prices, rentals in metro Denver have put the squeeze on tenants.

News Story

3 Ways Legal Aid Attys Are Using Tech To Boost Court Access

Natalie Rodriguez
October 20, 2019
On Oct. 10, the Legal Services Corp. announced which 30 legal organizations had scored a slice of $4.2 million in grant money it was offering to fund technology projects that increase low-income Americans' access to legal help.

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