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Brooklyn landlord tried to boot Latino tenants, demanded to know their immigration status: lawsuit

Edgar Sandoval, Ginger Adams Otis, Andrew Keshner
New York Daily News
January 23, 2018
Current and former residents at two Sunset Park buildings are looking to bring Adel Eskander’s years of alleged discrimination to a halt with the class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

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Queens mother, disabled daughter not evicted over landlord’s ‘meritless’ lawsuit

Andrew Keshner
New York Daily News
August 15, 2017
A Queens landlord's quest to evict a cigarette-puffing single mom and her disabled daughter has gone up in smoke.

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De Blasio, City Council reach deal limiting legal fund for immigrants facing deportation

Jillian Jorgensen, Erin Durkin
New York Daily News
August 1, 2017
The city’s $26 million will not go to pay for lawyers for immigrants convicted of 170 serious crimes — a restriction de Blasio had insisted on — but anonymous private donors have stepped in with $250,000 to aid those who can’t get the taxpayer money.


Mayor de Blasio is wrong to pick and choose which immigrants deserve counsel

Adriene Holder, Tina Luongo
New York Daily News
May 5, 2017
But due process doesn’t work this way.


Needed: Justice for immigrants fighting deportation

Jojo Annobil
New York Daily News
January 26, 2017
The U.S. government continues to aggressively deport tens of thousands of vulnerable, unaccompanied minor children and mothers with children fleeing extreme violence who do not have the benefit of a lawyer.

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Officials Were Warned of Trouble With NYPD Lockout Orders, And Then Police Kicked Out Wrong Family

Sarah Ryley
New York Daily News, ProPublica
May 2, 2016
A letter from legal groups to the New York City’s Law Department warned city officials that “vulnerable tenants” are often ensnared in nuisance abatements.

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NYPD Gets Sued After Kicking Wrong Family Out of Home

Sarah Ryley, Stephen Rex Brown
ProPublica, New York Daily News
April 12, 2016
The suit challenges the NYPD’s use of controversial nuisance abatement actions. It cites ProPublica and The Daily News’ investigation into the issue.

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Brooklyn Supreme Court faces backlog of nearly 12,000 foreclosure cases in the hands of just three judges

Juan Gonzalez
New York Daily News
March 8, 2016
Foreclosures have mushroomed into more than a third of all civil cases in New York state courts. Lawyers and advocates say this Brooklyn courtroom has become a prime example of a new “assembly line” approach to justice.

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Housing activists fight to keep elevator working for sick Manhattan man

Victoria Bekiempis
New York Daily News
January 8, 2016
A Chinatown landlord’s construction plans could trap a terminally ill man in his apartment for five months a new lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court alleges.

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Harlem grandma finally gets green card through military link after filling suitcase with paperwork from failed attempts

Erica Pearson
New York Daily News
September 14, 2015
How a Harlem grandmother with the help of pro bono lawyers finally got her green card.

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Bronx tenants accuse landlord of illegal rent increases designed to force them out

Barbara Ross, Rikki Reyna
New York Daily News
August 10, 2015
Eighteen residents say in a lawsuit that the building’s owner has raised their rents illegally. The increases are designed to force them out of their gentrifying neighborhood.

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