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Legal Aid helps break cycle of intimate partner violence

Alissa Chambers
Billings Gazette
November 4, 2019
Our community can do more for survivors, and while intimate partner homicides are on the rise, we must protect victims and provide what are often lifesaving services to those suffering from domestic violence.


Legal Services, Americorps serve Montana well

Mike McGrath, Beth Baker
Billings Gazette
April 4, 2017
These programs are critical partners in ensuring that the Montana justice system meets the Constitution’s command to “establish Justice ... and secure the Blessings of Liberty” to all Montanans.


Gazette opinion: Access to justice in Montana

Billings Gazette
January 4, 2017
That lack of service affects not only poor Montanans, but everyone who needs to use our state court system.


Guest opinion: Legal Services aids veterans, more needy Montanans

James J. Sandman, Alison Paul
Billings Gazette
December 3, 2014
Billings Gazette op-ed co-authored by Alison Paul, executive director of Montana Legal Services Association, and LSC president James Sandman.

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