Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC)

For over three decades, VPLC has provided leadership, support, training, public education and advocacy to address the civil legal needs of Virginia’s low-income population.
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Primary geographic focus: Virginia
Organization type(s): Provider
Acronym or short name: VPLC

For over three decades, VPLC has consistently adhered to one mission: to provide leadership, support, training, public education and advocacy to address the civil legal needs of Virginia’s low-income population. To fight for the poor is, unfortunately, a battle that will not disappear in the near future, but with organizations such as VPLC tirelessly working on behalf of the less fortunate, the rights and services provided to this population will continue to be protected.


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Payday Lenders Are Using The Internet To Evade State Law

Hunter Stuart
Huffington Post
January 12, 2015
The newest trend in payday lending? Online lenders dodging state regulation.


Lawmakers protect title loan firms while borrowers pay sky-high interest rates

Fred Schulte
Center for Public Integrity
December 9, 2015
How millions in campaign contributions help block laws to crack down on lending abuses.


At Capital One, Easy Credit and Abundant Lawsuits

Paul Kiel
December 28, 2015
A ProPublica analysis of state court filings reveals that Capital One sues its customers far more than any other bank.

News Story

Tough odds for defendants in Virginia’s lowest courts

Dave Ress
Daily Press (Newport News, VA)
April 5, 2018
When Virginians' unpaid bills, family crises or disputes with neighbors land them in one of the state's lowest courts, almost none of them has the help of a lawyer, a study of state records found.

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Group hopes to reduce high eviction rates in Virginia

Associated Press (AP)
April 12, 2018
Legal aid attorneys and affordable housing advocates from across Virginia have formed a coalition to try to figure out why Richmond and several other cities in the state have some of the highest eviction rates in the country.

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Housing Groups Convene Campaign To Reduce Evictions

Megan Pauly
Community Idea Stations
May 18, 2018
According to EvictionLab data, Richmond, Hampton and Newport News are in the top five large cities across the country with the highest eviction rates all over 10%.

News Story

Housing and advocacy groups launch campaign to lower Virginia’s high eviction rate

Ned Oliver
Richmond Times-Dispatch
May 22, 2018
The effort, dubbed the Campaign to Reduce Evictions, begins a little over a month after Princeton University’s Eviction Lab, led by sociologist and author Matthew Desmond, found that half of the 10 large U.S. cities with the highest eviction rates are in Virginia.

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Affordable Housing Advocates Hold First Meeting To Reduce Evictions

Megan Pauly
Community Idea Stations
May 23, 2018
A big focus of the meeting was data, what’s currently available, and what still needs to be collected and analyzed. The group has obtained a decade’s worth of court files from Virginia’s Supreme Court.

News Story

Area has a higher rate of evictions than the national average

Adele Uphaus-Conner
Free Lance–Star (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
June 2, 2018
The Fredericksburg area has higher eviction rates than the national average, a new database compiled by Princeton University shows.

News Story

Eviction isn’t just about poverty. It’s also about race — and Virginia proves it.

Terrence McCoy
November 10, 2018
New research, however, is complicating that picture of eviction in America. It’s not only a matter of poverty. It’s also a matter of race.

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Avoiding Eviction: How Virginia is Making Life Easier for Tenants

Mallory Noe-Payne
WVTF (local NPR, VA)
March 26, 2019
WVTF covers a suite of legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly to bring clarity to the eviction process and give renters a second chance.

News Story

Tenants facing eviction almost never have lawyers. Now, an attorney trawls a courthouse lobby handing out free advice

Ned Oliver
Virginia Mercury
May 15, 2019
Tenants facing eviction in Virginia are almost never represented by lawyers. But that’s about to change as a flood of cash begins to flow to legal aid groups around the state.

News Story

Unable to evict, some landlords accuse tenants of abandoning homes they’re still living in

Ned Oliver
Virginia Mercury
April 27, 2020

News Story

What Happens When the Eviction Bans End?

Kriston Capps
May 29, 2020

News Story

Tenants behind on rent in pandemic face harassment, eviction

Associated Press (AP)
June 14, 2020

News Story

Virginia, Ikea give $4M to boost Legal Aid services for residents facing eviction

Laura Vozzella
Washington Post
August 31, 2020

News Story , Video

Rise in Loans Linked to Cars Is Hurting Poor

Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Michael Corkery
New York Times (NYT)
December 25, 2014
With a crackdown on payday lenders, subprime borrowers are increasingly using auto title loans, whose high interest rates can lead to repossession and financial ruin.

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