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The hidden health costs of eviction

William Brangham
PBS News Hour
January 13, 2020
Research increasingly shows housing insecurity takes an enormous toll on people’s health. William Brangham reports from Richmond, which has the nation’s second-highest eviction rate.

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With new work requirement, thousands lose Medicaid coverage in Arkansas

Catherine Rampell
PBS News Hour
November 19, 2018
A major initiative of the Trump administration has been adding work requirements to benefit programs for the poor, now including Medicaid. This year, Arkansas became the first state to roll out the requirement.

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Here’s why many Americans don’t clear their criminal records

Rebecca Beitsch
PBS News Hour
June 8, 2016
Part of the reason is ignorance of the remedies that the laws allow, part of the reason is the cost.

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Here’s why low-income households may gamble with homeownership

Sophie Quinton
PBS News Hour
June 1, 2016
Texas passed a law last year that will help McKinney and homebuyers like him claim titles to the properties they’re paying for, the latest in a series of reforms. Other states also are adding protections for buyers involved in this archaic form of financing.


Why doctors are prescribing legal aid for patients in need

Jackie Judd
PBS News Hour
September 2, 2015
Across the country, many medical systems have begun establishing special legal partnerships. Lawyers become allies for disadvantaged patients who need help navigating problems with landlords and insurers.

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Living with a record: How past crimes may drive job seekers into poverty

Stephen Fee
PBS News Hour
January 24, 2015
Applicants with criminal backgrounds, including those with nonviolent criminal convictions or even arrests, are increasingly being driven into poverty.

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