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Fund equal access to justice

John Patterson
Sarasota Herald Tribune
October 28, 2018
It is a sad fact that our justice system is accessible primarily by those with enough money to endure the process. Merits, not money, should be the deciding factor when it comes to justice.

News Story

Newtown to be part of new project to clear home titles

Zach Murdock
Sarasota Herald Tribune
October 27, 2017
Issues can prevent owners from financing repairs, obtaining community development funds or even receiving federal aid through the Federal Emergency Management Agency after a storm.


Public initiative links law and medicine

Sarasota Herald Tribune
October 12, 2017
Legal challenges often translate into health problems. That is the premise of a new partnership that will launch publicly Saturday in north Sarasota.


Legal aid seeks justice for all

Linda Harradine
Sarasota Herald Tribune
October 24, 2016
In 75 percent of civil legal cases in this country, people do not have access to legal help. These most vulnerable individuals are cancer patients, foster children, domestic-violence victims, veterans, disabled persons and families who have fallen on difficult times.


Invest $1 billion in crucial services

Sarasota Herald Tribune
December 6, 2015
The Florida legislature's choice between cutting taxes and enabling his colleagues to waste money is false argues this editorial.


A Real Step Toward Justice

Editorial Board of Sarasota Herald Tribune
Sarasota Herald Tribune
December 3, 2014
Op-ed about the Florida Supreme Court's decision to create a Commission on access to civil justice.

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