Open Legal Services (OLS) (Utah)

Utah’s first and only nonprofit law firm for clients with moderate income. Based in Salt Lake City.
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Primary geographic focus: Utah
Organization type(s): Provider
Acronym or short name: OLS

Our mission is to serve clients who earn too much to qualify for free/pro-bono legal services, but also earn too little to afford a traditional private firm.

Such discounted services for clients with modest means are often called “low bono” legal services.

Open Legal Services is starting a revolution in the legal industry. We are the first nonprofit law firm in Utah that caters exclusively to those who fall within the vast divide separating the elite who can afford the big name downtown firms, and those stuck in the waiting room for free legal clinics.

More than 50% of Utah residents qualify for Open Legal Services. We charge between $60-145 per hour, depending on your income and family size.


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The Utah Lawyers Who Are Making Legal Services Affordable

Michael Zuckerman
Atlantic, The
August 7, 2014
A so-called sliding-scale model plus a bit of creativity allows Open Legal Services in Utah to represent those with few other options.

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