Michigan United

Statewide organization of community members and institutions fighting for the dignity and potential of every person.
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Primary geographic focus: Michigan
Organization type(s): Other

In 2012, The Michigan Organizing Project (MOP) and Alliance for Immigrant Rights (AIR) merged to form a statewide organization of churches, labor, and community groups which will work to ensure that our economy works for the many, our civil rights are protected, and our democracy is strong.

Together, along with our member institutions and individuals, we seek to affirm the fundamental dignity of working families, shape our political future, and achieve an economically and racially just society for our communities.

Michigan United is a statewide organization fighting for the dignity and potential of every person. We are committed to a participatory democracy at every level, an economy that works for the many, and a society that dismantles racism while uplifting our common humanity.

To ignite the power of our communities and shift the balance of power, we cultivate the leadership of those directly affected by injustice, and build popular institutions for the future.


News Story

Grab the Rent Receipts, Duck the Scams: Activists Rush to Help People Qualify for Obama Immigration Plan

Esme E. Deprez
November 22, 2014
How groups are advising undocumented people how to take advantage of Barack Obama's executive action on immigration reform.

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