Border Network for Human Rights (Texas) (BNHR)

Founded in 1998, BNHR serves Texas and southern NM and is one of the leading human rights advocacy and immigration reform organizations located at the U.S./Mexico Border.

Primary geographic focus: New Mexico, Texas
Organization type(s): Research/Policy/Organizing
Acronym or short name: BNHR
Tags: Civil Rights, Immigration Process, Language Access, Minorities: Racial/Ethnic

The BNHR’s mission is to organize border communities through human rights education and to mobilize our members to ignite change in policy and practice. The BNHR has three ongoing campaigns -Comprehensive immigration reform; Accountable and responsible border policy; and Protection and Promotion of civil and human rights.

The strength of the BNHR lies in its grassroots organizing and its willingness to work within the system to combat human rights and civil rights abuses, and to bring about change to our broken immigration system. BNHR members can speak firsthand of the suffering of immigrants under current laws, and now have the tools to advocate for reform.


News Story

Grab the Rent Receipts, Duck the Scams: Activists Rush to Help People Qualify for Obama Immigration Plan

Esme E. Deprez
November 22, 2014
How groups are advising undocumented people how to take advantage of Barack Obama's executive action on immigration reform.

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