Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS)

Statewide nonprofit organization that seeks to strengthen the delivery of civil legal help to vulnerable Tennesseans.
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Primary geographic focus: Tennessee
Organization type(s): Provider
Acronym or short name: TALS
Lists: LawHelp

The TALS staff provides coordination, support, advocacy, training opportunities, communications, resource development and other services to implement the mission and priorities of the alliance.

TALS drives change and improvement in legal services delivery by leveraging partnerships – new and old.



How people in poverty can get free legal help in Tennessee

Ann Pruit
Tennessean, The
December 8, 2015
Getting connected to free legal help can be the difference in being homeless or not, suffering continued abuse or achieving protection from abuse, maintaining financial self-sufficiency or being driven into hopeless debt.

News Story

Trump’s Budget: Taking Aim at Legal Aid for the Poor

S. Heather Duncan
Knoxville Mercury
April 19, 2017
In Knoxville and 25 other counties, the poor can turn to Legal Aid of East Tennessee for help—but that could change if President Trump succeeds in shutting down the nonprofit that provides half of its funding.


Congress should continue loan forgiveness for public-service employees

Kirsten Jacobson
Tennessean, The
April 19, 2018
As someone who has experienced the opportunity and positive impact the PSLF program creates first-hand, I can tell you eliminating the program would hurt the most vulnerable Tennesseans. We should work to expand access to public service professions, not restrict it.

News Story

Over 60% of Tennesseans Face Significant Civil Legal Need

Todd Barnes
Tennessean, The
November 26, 2014
More than 60 percent of Tennesseans are in need of significant civil legal assistance, according to a new state study.

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