Burlington Free Press

Largest daily newspaper in Vermont. Based in Burlington.
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Primary geographic focus: RURAL, Vermont
Organization type(s): Media

Burlington Free Press is a daily newspaper based in Burlington, Vermont, in the United States. With a circulation of about 20,166 daily and 27,830 on Sundays, it is the largest daily newspaper in Vermont.


News Story

Rats, frozen pipes and sleepless nights: Vt. lacks enforcement of rental housing safety

April McCullum
Burlington Free Press
January 12, 2018
A new report from Vermont Legal Aid shows tenants often struggle to resolve disputes with landlords over basic health and safety standards, and it is unclear which government officials are responsible to intervene.


Celebrate Fair Housing

Ted Wimpey
Burlington Free Press
April 6, 2015
An op-ed looking back on the Fair Housing Act, the significance of the law, and how Vermont has expanded to include more protected categories.

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