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CBS MoneyWatch, a division of CBS News and property of CBS Interactive, is a personal finance website that provides advice on retirement, investing, savings, career and real estate.
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Launched in April 2009, the site was originally an extension of, formerly known as the CBS Interactive Business Network. In November 2011, BNET and CBS MoneyWatch merged and migrated to the platform. The executive editor of CBS MoneyWatch is Jack Otter.

CBS MoneyWatch offers original feature stories, unique daily commentary, original videos, and daily business and financial news.

The MoneyWatch name comes from a long-running series of business-oriented segments on the CBS Evening News.


News Story

How a minor ticket can cost you your driver’s license

Aimee Picchi
CBS Moneywatch
April 8, 2015
A catch-22, suspended driver's licenses, is tripping up millions of Americans who happen to be too poor to pay increasingly expensive traffic fines and other minor tickets.

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