Arkansas Access to Justice Commission (AATJ)

The Arkansas Access to Justice Commission was created in December 2003 with one objective: To provide equal access to justice in civil cases for all Arkansans.
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Primary geographic focus: Arkansas
Organization type(s): ATJ Initiative
Acronym or short name: AATJ
Tags: Access to Justice Commissions

The Commission’s work encompasses:
  • Develop an objective and accurate understanding of the problems Arkansans face in using our legal system to obtain justice in civil cases
  • Devise a strategic plan for statewide delivery of civil legal services to all Arkansans
  • Review and report on the efficient allocation and application of available resources
  • Educate the people of Arkansas about the importance of equal access to justice and of the problems many Arkansans face in gaining effective access to our civil justice system
  • Encourage a strong and consistent commitment to providing equal access to justice among the leaders of our state
  • Suggest innovations that will increase effective access to the civil justice system for all Arkansans
  • Provide technical and other support to the efforts of the legislature, courts, and other government agencies to improve access to justice for the people of Arkansas
  • Develop stable, long-term funding and other resources to support access to civil justice.


Investigative , News Story

Can You Go to Jail for Not Paying Rent?

Eli Hager
Marshall Project
April 16, 2015
This article dives into Arkansas' failure-to-vacate statute that criminalizes being late on rent and how civil legal aid lawyers are challenging it in court.

Blog Post

Ending ‘Debtors Prisons’ for Arkansas Renters

Amy Johnson
June 5, 2015
Arkansas has been called the worst place to rent in America. This article dives into the controversial failure-to-vacate statute that criminalizes being late on rent.


Amy Dunn Johnson on How Pro Bono Work Helps More Than Just Arkansas’ Poor

Arkansas Business
November 9, 2015
Arkansas Business interviews Amy Johnson from Arkansas Access to Justice Commission about civil legal aid and the role of pro bono in providing justice for all.

News Story

Attorneys, Funding Shortage Causes Lack Of Free Legal Aid

Stephanie Sharp
KARK4 (local NBC, Little Rock)
September 14, 2016
There are even fewer lawyers working with groups that provide services to those who can't afford to hire a lawyer.


With Liberty and Justice for All

Anthony A. Hilliard
Arkansas Business
June 12, 2017
The best way to ensure liberty and justice for all and to protect the Constitution is to ensure all Arkansans have access to the justice system.


Justice for all

Justice Robin Wynne
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
September 16, 2017
Legal aid deserves support.

News Story

Arkansas Access to Justice Commission Pushes to Unbundle Legal Services

Mark Friedman
Arkansas Business
October 23, 2017
The Arkansas Access to Justice Commission hopes changing the rules on attorneys taking a small part of a client’s case, instead of the whole thing, will give Arkansans wider access to legal counsel.

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