Maine Bar Foundation Justice Action Group (JAG)

The Justice Action Group (JAG) serves as Maine's access to justice commission and provides leadership to the various groups working toward "equal access to justice" in Maine.
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Primary geographic focus: Maine
Organization type(s): ATJ Initiative
Acronym or short name: JAG
Tags: Access to Justice Commissions

JAG is supported by funding from the Bar Foundation, Maine State Bar Association, the judiciary, and other grants.  An ad hoc working group, JAG is led by representatives from the state and federal judiciary and includes representatives from:

  • the state and federal judiciary,
  • the Maine Legislature,
  • the Executive Branch,
  • the Maine State Bar Association,
  • the Maine Bar Foundation,
  • the Maine Civil Legal Services Fund Commission,
  • the Maine Trial Lawyers Association and
  • the boards of legal service providers.

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