State Bar of Michigan Standing Committee on Justice Initiatives (SBMSCJC)

The State Bar of Michigan supports many justice initiatives that help make available high-quality civil legal services to all Michigan citizens, assuring that the justice system is strong, equal, and fair in its application.
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Primary geographic focus: Michigan
Organization type(s): ATJ Initiative
Acronym or short name: SBMSCJC
Tags: Access to Justice Commissions

Develop and recommend proposals for the effective delivery of high quality legal services in Michigan, equal and fair to all. This committee consists of several initiatives whose activities include

  • Analyzing and making recommendations for positions on proposed legislation, court rules, and other policies relevant to the committee’s jurisdiction.
  • Developing policies and programs to benefit underserved populations, including juveniles and those with special needs.
  • Encouraging and coordinating free or discounted civil legal services.
  • Working to increase resources for civil legal aid programs.
  • Examining collateral civil consequences of criminal convictions and issues of adequate representation in the criminal justice system

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