South Carolina Access to Justice Commission (SCATJ)

Created by the South Carolina Supreme Court in recognition of the need to expand access to civil legal representation for people of low income and modest means.
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Primary geographic focus: South Carolina
Organization type(s): ATJ Initiative
Acronym or short name: SCATJ
Tags: Access to Justice Commissions

Priorities for the Commission consist of four initiatives:

  1. Education of the public, attorneys, the courts and the legislature about the issues facing South Carolinians with low income;
  2. Expanding and Enhancing resources for Self-Represented Litigants;
  3. Expanding and Enhancing resources for Staffed Programs such as South Carolina Legal Services, the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation, the Center for Fathers and Families, Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc., and others; and
  4. Expanding and Enhancing Pro Bono Programs such as the South Carolina Bar Pro Bono Program, Pro Bono Legal Services, and Low Country Legal Aid, Inc. as well as support the development of formal pro bono programs by firms and private practitioners.

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