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CLASI and ACLU file lawsuit against DOC on treatment of mental ill inmates

WMDT 47 (MD) (local ABC)
August 6, 2015
According to a lawsuit filed Thursday, at least 100 people with mental illnesses are being held by the DOC in solitary confinement, and out of that 60 are considered to have serious mental illnesses.


An innovative approach to community health

Marissa Band, Daniel Atkins
News Journal (DE)
August 11, 2015
How a medical-legal partnership in Delaware is making people healthier while tackling poverty.

News Story

Report: Many low-income Delawareans lack access to legal counsel

Matt Bittle
Delaware State News
September 19, 2017
The three main nonprofits in the state that focus on legal assistance in civil cases can handle only a fraction of that due to a funding crisis — potentially leaving more than 120,000 people without counsel, officials say.

News Story

Proposed Cuts to Civil Legal Services Will Deny Courtroom Justice to the Poor

Eleanor J. Bader
March 11, 2018
Last year -- fiscal 2018 -- Trump identified the Legal Services Corporation as one of 19 organizations to be completely eliminated.


Delaware laws should help human trafficking victims rebuild their lives

Laura Graham, Kelly E. Head
News Journal (DE)
February 4, 2019
Expanding Delaware’s expungement law for victims of human trafficking would give victims a second chance by allowing them to clear minor convictions incurred because of their victimization.

News Story

Advocates argue Delaware court processes to blame for state’s high eviction rates

Sarah Mueller
Delaware Public Media
June 7, 2019
Legal aid groups say [the state's] court process makes it too easy for landlords to evict tenants they consider undesirable. But a new state pilot program aims to provide more people facing eviction with lawyers.

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