CARPLS (Cook County, IL)

Operating in Chicago and Cook County, IL. Legal Aid Hotline and court-based Advice Desks provide information, advice and brief services including document prep and referrals.
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Primary geographic focus: Illinois
Organization type(s): Provider
Tags: Information Centers, Telephone Hotlines, Unbundling

CARPLS is an innovative legal aid service that offers an immediate response to the every day legal problems confronting low-income residents of Cook County. CARPLS’ Legal Aid Hotline and court-based Advice Desks give low-income clients direct access to experienced attorneys who are trained to quickly assess and respond to a wide range of civil legal problems. CARPLS attorneys resolve over 85% of all cases in-house by providing information, advice and brief services including the preparation and review of legal documents. Clients with more complex needs are referred by CARPLS to a network of specialized legal and social service providers. CARPLS’ unique “legal triage” system serves as a model for legal aid communities across the country and has increased access to justice by dramatically reducing the cost of legal aid services to the poor. Since its inception in 1993, CARPLS has helped over 650,000 clients find solutions for their basic legal problems at an average cost to CARPLS of $32 per case.


News Story

Could This Simple Idea Solve the Justice Gap?

Susan Beck
April 14, 2016
At a time when the legal community is increasingly concerned about access to justice for all, and is searching for innovations to make that possible, a viable solution may be found in CARPLS.

News Story

Microsoft To Fund New Pilot Project To Improve Legal Aid

Susan Beck
April 19, 2016
Microsoft Corp. is committing $1 million to fund pilot projects for online legal portals that will direct low-income people to legal service providers.

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