Equip for Equality (Illinois)

Established in 1985, Equip for Equality is a nationally recognized, private, not-for-profit organization advancing civil rights of people with disabilities through legal services, public policy, monitoring and training.
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Primary geographic focus: Illinois
Organization type(s): Provider
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Equip for Equality supports the rights of people to make their own decisions and seeks to remove barriers that prevent them from being productive, independent and successful in all aspects of their lives:  school, college, employment, recreation, sports, independent living and civic involvement.

We want to break down barriers that hold back people with disabilities, preventing them from making their own decisions and leading their own lives.   We tackle common problems that affect large numbers of people with disabilities in order to find solutions to help others avoid the same problems in the future.  We pursue a sophisticated combination of strategies that include public policy and legislative reform; class action litigation; watchdog reports on troubled institutions; along with recommended action.

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