Indianapolis Legal Aid Society (ILAS)

Founded 1941. Provides civil legal aid to Central Indiana.
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Primary geographic focus: Indiana
Organization type(s): Provider
Acronym or short name: ILAS

The Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Inc. (“ILAS”) welcomes you to our site! ILAS is a nonprofit organization known for providing the quality legal representation to people in need. Since 1941, we have proudly and ably served families and individuals of modest means. ILAS was the first organization in the state of Indiana to resolve civil legal matters – for clients who qualify – in cases involving the rights of children, mothers, families, disabled persons, and the elderly. We have a reputation for successfully helping families – women seeking protective orders, couples wishing to adopt, elderly citizens wishing to resolve housing issues so they can remain in their own homes, and grandparents wishing to properly care for their grandchildren through guardianships.

We deliver hope to Central Indiana’s most vulnerable citizens when they need it most and when they have nowhere else to turn. ILAS provides civil legal assistance and we are the only public service law firm in Indiana where a client talks to a lawyer within forty-eight (48) hours of scheduling a consultation. Our services include family law, bankruptcy, housing, property, and a host of other issues.


News Story

Finding funds to support Indiana legal aid

Marilyn Odendahl
Indiana Lawyer
September 7, 2016
Whitewater Valley is like many legal aid providers across the state. These offices tended to rely on one main source of funding to cover the bulk of their budgets but in recent years, those sources have cut back and curtailed the donations and gifts.

News Story

Indiana Legal Services’ pilot project offers on-the-spot help to small claims defendants

Marilyn Odendahl
Indiana Lawyer
June 28, 2017
Both staff attorneys at Indiana Legal Services Inc., helped that day as part of the legal aid organization’s summer pilot program.

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