Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS)

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS)'s mission is to connect Marylanders facing financial hardships with volunteer lawyers, tax professionals, and community partners to deliver free civil legal assistance because there should be justice for all, not just for those who can afford it.
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Primary geographic focus: Maryland
Organization type(s): Provider
Acronym or short name: MVLS
Tags: Pro Bono

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News Story

Study: State courts overrun by debt collectors

Elaine Silvestrini
The Legal Examiner
July 21, 2020


From Hospital To Jail: Debtors Face Growing Arrest Threat

Jack Karp
February 9, 2020


Deeds: Volunteers help Baltimoreans untangle titles, keep more homes from going vacant

Dan Rodricks
Baltimore Sun
January 24, 2020
The MVLS provides pro bono help to Marylanders who can’t afford an attorney for civil matters. In the last couple of years, it started providing advice on estates and help untangling titles to homes.


Some Americans Are Being Thrown Into Jail For Unpaid Debts

Judith Ohikuare
March 15, 2018
How this tactic has evolved over time, what recourse impacted people have, and the importance of knowing your rights even in the midst of dire financial straits.

News Story

Carroll lawyers participate in pro bono organization

Catalina Righter
Baltimore Sun
October 4, 2017
Cases of civil law can have deeply felt consequences on an individual or family. These consequences can be even greater for low-income individuals who have less access to legal resources and defense.


Lawmakers must end debtors’ prisons in Maryland

Amy P. Hennen
Baltimore Sun
September 4, 2017
For the sake of human decency, taxpayer savings, internal consistency in our justice system, and common sense, Maryland legislators need to finally eliminate body attachment in our state.


Only Line of Defense: In confusing world of civil debt proceedings, volunteer attorneys pick up the slack

Baltimore City Paper
August 2, 2017
For most defendants, it's the only time they will consult a lawyer about their case—the debts are often too small to justify hiring an attorney, and few could afford one anyway.


A path to self-sufficiency in Baltimore

Bonnie Sullivan
Baltimore Sun
July 10, 2016
MVLS has helped more than 200 Baltimoreans who needed legal "check ups" to break down barriers to full-time quality employment.

News Story

Here’s why many Americans don’t clear their criminal records

Rebecca Beitsch
PBS News Hour
June 8, 2016
Part of the reason is ignorance of the remedies that the laws allow, part of the reason is the cost.


Legal Aid With a Digital Twist

Tina Rosenberg
New York Times (NYT)
June 1, 2016
The rise of online legal forms may not be a gripping subject, but it matters. Tens of millions of Americans need legal help for civil problems — they need a divorce, child support or visitation, protection from abuse or a stay of eviction.

News Story

New state laws to help Marylanders clear arrest records

Alison Knezevich
Baltimore Sun
October 16, 2015
Under new state laws that take effect Thursday, many more Marylanders will be able to clear minor charges from their records — and, officials say, fare better in the employment market.


Civil Legal Aid in Maryland – The Facts

Bonnie Sullivan
Baltimore Times
July 1, 2015
Five common myths about civil legal aid is debunked.

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