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Works in pursuit of helping Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens gain access to their basic rights for safety, shelter, food, health care and education.
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Primary geographic focus: Minnesota
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10 years after fleeing Katrina, some have made Minnesota home

Mila Koumpilova, Liz Sawyer
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
August 28, 2015
10 years after Katrina, people found new homes in Minnesota.

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Lawsuit claims state of Minnesota has underspent funds meant to serve the disabled

Chris Serres
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
August 29, 2015
Thousands of Minnesotans with disabilities have been forced needlessly to wait months and even years for community-based services because the state has underspent more than $1 billion in public funds, according to a lawsuit.


Problem solver for those in need

David Unze
St. Cloud Times (MN)
October 17, 2015
Deputy Director Ann Cofell is featured after recently receiving the Athena Award.


How to reduce domestic violence with legal assistance

Martha Bergmark
Fox News
January 4, 2016
The causes of domestic violence are complex, and there is no single policy or program that can prevent it from happening. But there is one critical step we can take that we know makes a great deal of difference: ensuring survivors have access to legal help, regardless of their ability to pay.


More help is overdue for Minnesota’s poorest families

Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
February 12, 2016
No excuse can any longer justify Minnesota’s 30-year failure to increase monthly cash assistance to this state’s poorest families with children.

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State accused of segregating Minnesotans with disabilities in group homes

Chris Serres
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
August 4, 2016
Group home system limits options, class action lawsuit says.

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Minnesota jail inmates with disabilities face barriers with no regulations

David Chanen
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
November 3, 2016
A recent lawsuit settlement resulted in significant changes in how jail staff will accommodate deaf inmates at four county jails in the future.

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Homebuyer’s dream turned nightmare

Lauren Leamanczyk
KARE (local NBC, Minneapolis)
November 11, 2016
Imagine finally buying your dream home, moving your kids in and making your payments, only to find out it’s being taken away. An investigation found that is happening to many Americans because of glaring loopholes in the nation’s real estate laws.

News Story

Landlord battles haunt Twin Cities low-income renters

Max Nesterak
Minnesota Public Radio
February 22, 2018
While unlawful detainers are almost always about missed rent, they also capture other kinds of fights with landlords that have nothing to do with rent.

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Minneapolis landlord’s homes are too run down, so court referee says tenants must get out

Randy Furst
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
May 10, 2018
Minneapolis mayor promises help, but some say it's not enough.

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, tenant advocates launch program that aims to help renters on the verge of eviction

Mukhtar M. Ibrahim
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
November 14, 2018
Minneapolis tenants facing evictions are increasingly showing up in housing court without a lawyer when their cases are heard, leaving them disadvantaged in fighting their case, tenant advocates said Wednesday.

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Latest fight over controversial landlord’s Minneapolis properties puts spotlight on housing court

Taryn Phaneuf
November 28, 2018
Del Campo Chacon’s eviction fight is a new chapter in a long story, one that includes allegations of fraud, unsanitary conditions, rent strikes, and city intervention.

News Story

Preventing evictions becomes a focus in fight against homelessness in Minnesota

Shannon Prather
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
February 9, 2019
Thousands of Minnesotans face eviction notices each year and end up in court — often without a lawyer or an understanding of their rights.

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Minnesota eviction numbers see dramatic decline in past decade

Marissa Evans
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
February 17, 2020
The number statewide has dropped 33% since the foreclosure crisis.

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Restraints and seclusion used improperly at St. Peter state hospital, group alleges

Chris Serres
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
July 30, 2015
Minnesota’s troubled psychiatric hospital in St. Peter continues to restrain and seclude patients in ways that violate the hospital’s own policies, according to a report released Wednesday by Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center.

News Story

Sometimes a phone call is just too good to be true

Jon Tevlin
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
June 14, 2015
Column about scams against seniors and how civil legal aid is trying to protect them.

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