Pro Seniors (Ohio)

Founded 1975. Telephone hotline serving seniors in Ohio with free legal and long-term care help to older adults. Based in Cincinnati.
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Primary geographic focus: Ohio
Organization type(s): Provider
Tags: Seniors, Telephone Hotlines

Founded in 1975, Pro Seniors is a non-profit organization that provides free legal and long-term care help to older adults. Pro Seniors offers Ohio residents age 60 and older the advice and information they need to solve their legal and nursing home, adult care facility, and home health care problems.

Pro Seniors is dedicated to helping older adults maintain their independence by empowering them, by protecting their interests, and by helping them access resources.

Pro Seniors’ Legal Hotline serves the State of Ohio. By calling our Legal Hotline, Ohio residents age 60 or older can receive free assistance over the telephone with a variety of legal or long-term care problems.

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