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What to Do With Your Bonus

Susan Beck
December 22, 2015
Here's a suggestion for something else to do with a teeny-tiny sliver of that bonus money: Write a generous check to a civil legal aid group.

News Story

Why Philly went after a domestic-violence victim for thousands in child support

Samantha Melamed
Philadelphia Inquirer
February 26, 2017
In fact, it reflects standard practice in Philadelphia, whose Department of Human Services (DHS) removes children from their homes at a rate much higher than most big U.S. cities and collects nearly $2 million per year in child support from their parents.

News Story

To reduce unfair evictions tenants need lawyers

Jake Blumgart
March 16, 2017
In a city with a staggeringly high eviction rate, landlord-tenant court is one of the busiest corners of Philadelphia's municipal judiciary.

News Story

Lives on hold, literally, laid-off in Pennsylvania can’t get jobless benefits

Jane Von Bergen
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 17, 2017
What has Salvato in a tizzy is the near-collapse of Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system. In mid-December, the state closed three service centers and furloughed 521 workers, or a third of the people who deal with unemployment compensation.

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