Eva Guzman

Judge, Key Voice (Florida)
Member of the Texas Supreme Court since 2009 and the Court’s liaison to the Texas Access to Justice Foundation and the Texas Access to Justice Commission.
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Guzman is one of seven children of Mexican immigrant parents. She was reared in Houston, where she graduated in 1979 from the predominantly Hispanic Austin High School. A resident of Cypress in Harris County, she is the first Hispanic woman to serve on the high court.

Guzman was recognized by the Hispanic National Bar Association as “Latina Judge of the Year” and as “2009 Judge of the Year” by the Mexican American Bar Association of Texas Foundation. At the time of the appointment, Perry called Guzman a “principled conservative with an “unmatched work ethic.

Prior to her high court appointment, Guzman was an associate justice on the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston, where she ruled on thousands of civil and criminal appeals wrote hundreds of published opinions. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Houston Law Center. As of 2009, she had served for more than a decade as the first Hispanic female appointed and then elected to both the Harris County Family Court and the 14th Court of Appeals.



Hurricane Harvey creates huge need for legal aid

Eva Guzman
Dallas Morning News
October 26, 2017
After an event as catastrophic as Hurricane Harvey, which destroyed property and tore apart lives, legal needs continue for years. For people already stripped of their worldly possessions, more trials are to come. That is where legal aid comes in.


Many sexual assault survivors unaware free legal help is available

Eva Guzman
Austin American-Statesman
March 29, 2017
With continued financial support from the Texas Legislature, a community of legal advocates across the state will remain available to assist sexual assault survivors with the challenges that lie ahead.


Survivors of sexual assault in Texas need access to legal help

Eva Guzman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
April 14, 2016
New program offers legal services to survivors of sexual assault who qualify for legal aid.

Letter to Editor

Texas Supreme Court justices praise legal aid

Nathan L. Hecht, Eva Guzman
Dallas Morning News
June 9, 2015
In this LTE, Supreme Court Justices of Texas applauds the legislatures decision to increase funding for civil legal aid.

Blog Post

All Texans should have access to justice system

Eva Guzman
Monitor (TX)
May 17, 2015
Commentary about the pressing need to expand access to civil legal aid and the justice system in Texas.

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