Rachel M. Cohen

Journalist (Maryland)
Writing fellow American Prospect. Writes about education, housing, and labor. Freelances for NextCity.Org, VICE, and Baltimore City Paper.

Links: @rmc031 | (Current as of: September 14, 2015)


News Story

Baltimore Can’t Rely on “Judge Judy” to Protect Renters

Rachel M. Cohen
December 9, 2015
While it’s been all too easy for Baltimore officials to chalk this grim reality up to the wretched effects of poverty, a new report tells a more complete story.


Welcome to the Courtroom That Is Every Renter’s Nightmare

Rachel M. Cohen
September 14, 2015
Originally created to provide a nationwide model of justice, Baltimore’s housing court today serves as little more than a state-run rent collection agency, financed by taxpayers and the beleaguered renters themselves who pay court fees for each judgment ruled against them.

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