Terrence McCoy

Journalist (District of Columbia)
Washington Post poverty and social justice reporter.

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As the nation’s capital booms, poor tenants face eviction over as little as $25

Terrence McCoy
Washington Post
August 8, 2016
Brookland Manor’s proposed eviction of Brittany Gray over an amount many Washingtonians spend on a weekday lunch illustrates the ongoing drama of gentrification in a city and a nation still coming to terms with its consequences.

News Story

The confounding story of the disabled veterans who went weeks in winter without heat — and then were evicted

Terrence McCoy
Washington Post
February 13, 2016
The downside to the recent push to end veterans homelessness. It appears to have attracted some landlords who have provided veterans with substandard housing and questionably evicted them back into homelessness.

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