Jim Puzzanghera

Journalist (District of Columbia)
Business reporter at the Los Angeles Times.

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News Story

Closing of for-profit schools leaves thousands of students and an industry in limbo

Jim Puzzanghera, Ronald D. White
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)
September 12, 2016
Closures of high-profile schools such as ITT Technical Institute have left thousands of students in limbo while raising questions about the future of an industry that provides training for vocational, technical and other mid-level skilled jobs.

News Story

ITT Tech students explore their options in wake of shutdown

Samantha Masunaga, Jim Puzzanghera
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)
September 7, 2016
A day after ITT Technical Institute abruptly shut down all its schools, thousands of students are researching their options for what to do next.

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