Laura Brown

Legal Aid Advocate (District of Columbia)
Founding executive director of First Shift Justice Project.

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Letter to Editor

When Pregnant Women Face Workplace Bias

Laura Brown
New York Times (NYT)
June 24, 2018
The observation that many women “never file complaints because they can’t afford an attorney, don’t recognize that what happened to them is illegal or fear retaliation” is especially true of mothers in low-wage jobs. And for them, losing a job is much more than a setback.


Workplace discrimination against pregnant women continues

Laura Brown
Hill, The
October 3, 2016
Policy changes, like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act are important, but aren’t enough. Another necessary part of the solution is ensuring women have access to the legal help they need to defend their rights. For low-income pregnant women who can’t afford a lawyer, the availability of civil legal aid is critical.

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