Jane Von Bergen

Journalist (Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia Inquirer reporter covering the workplace.

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News Story

Lives on hold, literally, laid-off in Pennsylvania can’t get jobless benefits

Jane Von Bergen
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 17, 2017
What has Salvato in a tizzy is the near-collapse of Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system. In mid-December, the state closed three service centers and furloughed 521 workers, or a third of the people who deal with unemployment compensation.


Legal advocate helps workers under shadow of criminal records

Jane Von Bergen
Philadelphia Inquirer
November 20, 2016
When it comes to how poor people are treated at work, Sharon Dietrich gets mad.


If you have a criminal record, read this

Jane Von Bergen
Philadelphia Inquirer
November 19, 2016
Effective November 14, people with certain misdemeanor convictions can ask the court to seal their records.

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