Richard Zorza

Journalist, Key Voice, Policy Advocate (NATIONAL)
Attorney and independent consultant who writes respected blog on access to justice. Also, coordinator of the national Self Represented Litigation Network.
Tags: Courts, Pro Se/Self-Help

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Richard Zorza is an attorney and independent consultant who has worked for the past fifteen years on issues of access to justice. He is the coordinator of the national Self Represented Litigation Network, see, and has acted as a consultant to the Harvard Law School Bellow-Sacks Project on the Future of Access to Civil Justice,, and works in support of the national LawHelp network of access to justice websites,

His book, The Self-Help Friendly Court: Designed from the Ground Up to Work for People Without Lawyers, was published by the National Center for State Courts in 2002. His article The Disconnect Between the Requirements of Judicial Neutrality and Those of the Appearance of Neutrality when Parties Appear Pro Se: Causes, Solutions, Recommendations, and Implications, 17 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, 423 (2004) is widely used to define the structure of thought on the topic.

He coordinated the National Judicial Conference on Self-Represented Litigation held at Harvard Law School in November of 2007, the launching conference of the Court Leadership Package on Self Represented Litigation, in the fall of 2008, and a national confernce on Public Libraries and Access to Justice in January of 2010. He is the recipient of the 2008 American Judicature Society Kate Sampson Access to Justice Award.

He lives in Washington DC, and is in partnership with his wife Joan.

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