Katy Stech Ferek

Journalist (NATIONAL)
Reporter covering bankruptcy and financial hardship for Wall Street Journal.

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News Story

Bankrupt Borrowers Won’t Forfeit Coronavirus Aid Payments to Creditors Under Stimulus Package

Katy Stech Ferek
Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
March 26, 2020
The stimulus package passed by the Senate includes provisions to aid bankrupt consumers and small businesses. “There are going to be millions of people facing financial hardship,” said Rohan Pavuluri, of the nonprofit, Upsolve, which helps people navigate the civil justice system as they file for bankruptcy. Pavuluri says Upsolve has begun hearing stories from people who have lost income because of coronavirus-related shutdowns.“Personal bankruptcy, just like in 2008, will play a critical role in the healing process of America, and I think Congress is acknowledging that," he said.


For Struggling Consumers, a Cheaper Way to File for Bankruptcy

Katy Stech Ferek
Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
September 10, 2017
A nonprofit has developed an online program designed to help people prepare a chapter 7 filing without a lawyer.

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