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I am a licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Bridgewater State University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Massachusetts School of Law. Since graduating from law school and being sworn in to the Massachusetts Bar I have operated a solo legal practice in New Bedford, The Law Office of Marcus D. Ferro. My practice handles a variety of legal matters with primary focus on OUI/Criminal Defense Law. I am also a Realtor working for Lanagan & Co. Inc. In the political area, I have been active in the campaigns of several local Democratic candidates. Most notably, I was the campaign manager for the successful election and reelection of New Bedford City Councillor Hugh Dunn. I am also an appointed member of the Town of Fairhaven’s Commission on Disability, Sustainability Committee, Historical Commission, and the Community Preservation Commission. I am a weekly contributor to the Chris McCarthy Show as WBSM’s “resident liberal.” In a medium that is typically dominated by conservatism, my primary focus is to engage in productive political discourse with WBSM’s audience and offer a different ideological perspective.

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Kennedy’s Civil Gideon is a Human Right

Marcus Ferro
WBSM (New Bedford, MA, talk radio)
May 17, 2020

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