Margaret Middleton

Legal Aid Advocate (Connecticut)
Executive Director of the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center based in West Haven, CT and a visiting clinical lecturer at Yale Law School.
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Congress must act to bring civil legal aid to every homeless and struggling veteran who needs it in 2018

Margaret Middleton
Fox News
February 1, 2018
According to a recent study in Health Affairs, this legal aid improves health outcomes for this vulnerable minority of American veterans. Congress should act quickly to pass the bill so all veterans get the care they deserve.


Connecticut at forefront of ending veteran homelessness

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn), Margaret Middleton
New Haven Register
November 10, 2015
Connecticut Veterans Legal Center pioneered the concept of on-site legal clinics within the VA and proved its success. Now we must work to expand similar medical-legal partnerships nationwide.


Legal Aid Can Slice Through Veterans’ Benefits Backlog

Margaret Middleton, Timothy D. Bleasdale
Hartford Courant
June 6, 2014
Oped by director and volunteer at the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center about how civil legal aid helps veterans receive the lifesaving benefits they deserve.

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