Eleanor J. Bader

Policy Advocate (NATIONAL, New York)
Teacher, writer, and activist who contributes to progressive, feminist publications, including writing the monthly Stoking Fire column on rhrealitycheck.org.
Tags: Women

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Eleanor J. Bader is a teacher, writer, and activist. She writes the monthly Stoking Fire column on rhrealitycheck.org, and also contributes to feministreview.org, ontheissuesmagazine.com, The Progressive and other progressive, feminist publications and blogs.


News Story

Proposed Cuts to Civil Legal Services Will Deny Courtroom Justice to the Poor

Eleanor J. Bader
March 11, 2018
Last year -- fiscal 2018 -- Trump identified the Legal Services Corporation as one of 19 organizations to be completely eliminated.


An Uphill Battle for Legal Services in Brooklyn

Eleanor J. Bader
Brooklyn Rail
March 5, 2014
"The biggest challenge, says Raun Rasmussen, executive director of LS-NYC, is in figuring out how to serve the largest number of people despite ongoing budgetary shortfalls.

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