Nathan L. Hecht

Judge, Key Voice (Texas)
27th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas. First elected to the Court in 1988. Appointed Chief Justice by Governor Rick Perry on October 1, 2013.

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Nathan L. Hecht is the 27th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas. He was first elected to the Court in 1988 as a Justice and was re-elected four times. He was appointed Chief Justice by Governor Rick Perry on October 1, 2013. He is the longest-serving Member of the Court in Texas history and the senior Texas appellate judge in active service. Throughout his service on the Court, Chief Justice Hecht has overseen revisions to the rules of administration, practice, and procedure in Texas courts, and was appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States to the federal Advisory Committee on Civil Rules. Since 2010, Chief Justice Hecht has been responsible for the Court’s efforts to assure that Texans living below the poverty level have access to basic civil legal services.



Texas veterans deserve fair access to legal help

Nathan L. Hecht, Victor Flores
Austin American-Statesman
November 10, 2019
Our veterans deserve more than just our applause or gratitude; they deserve our help and our commitment to ensuring that they have access to the resources they need to fully reintegrate into civilian life.


It’s time to fight for veterans’ legal aid

Nathan L. Hecht, Donald J. Guter
Austin American-Statesman
November 9, 2018
Providing free legal services to qualifying veterans is imperative. We should make a commitment to better the lives of the service men and women who voluntarily risked their lives for our freedom.


Veterans fight for our freedom; it’s time we fight for their legal aid

Nathan L. Hecht, Donald J. Guter
Victoria Advocate (TX)
November 9, 2018
Texas lawyers and the legal community have a responsibility to help military service members. Legal aid can and does make a difference for veterans.


Legal aid for our veterans: Now it’s our turn

Nathan L. Hecht, William H. McRaven
Houston Chronicle
November 6, 2015
To help commemorate Veterans Day, legal aid lawyers across the state will hold special clinics and workshops during Texas Veterans Legal Aid Week through Friday to help veterans with legal problems.

Letter to Editor

Texas Supreme Court justices praise legal aid

Nathan L. Hecht, Eva Guzman
Dallas Morning News
June 9, 2015
In this LTE, Supreme Court Justices of Texas applauds the legislatures decision to increase funding for civil legal aid.

Letter , News Story

Letter by Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson and Justice Nathan L Hecht

Wallace B. Jefferson, Nathan L. Hecht
June 1, 2011
This letter by the two justices is an eloquent and practical statement in favor of state funding for civil legal aid.

News Story , Video

LSC 2014 Congressional Briefing – Litigants Without Lawyers: Equal Justice Under Threat in State Courts

James J. Sandman, Nathan L. Hecht, Jess H. Dickinson, Janice Holder, Carol W. Hunstein
Legal Services Corporation (LSC)
May 21, 2014
LSC hosted a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill. Four state supreme court justices discussed the growing problem of unrepresented litigants and its impact on the court-system.

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