Ted Wimpey

Legal Aid Advocate (Vermont)
Director of the Fair Housing Project at Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity. Lives in Burlington, VT.

Links: @twimpey | (Current as of: April 6, 2015)

Currently Director of a nonprofit (CVOEO) Community Action Agency’s Fair Housing Project. Experience includes official member participation in a number of governmental boards making policy recommendations in areas such as fair housing law, increasing housing affordability, safety and habitability of housing, rights of tenants and landlords.

Involvement in fair housing education, outreach and enforcement initiatives. Hire and supervise advocacy and counseling staff. Working on issues of planning, zoning, development and transportation as they intersect with promoting inclusive vibrant communities and fair housing opportunities.



Celebrate Fair Housing

Ted Wimpey
Burlington Free Press
April 6, 2015
An op-ed looking back on the Fair Housing Act, the significance of the law, and how Vermont has expanded to include more protected categories.

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