Micheal Krasny

Journalist (California)
Host of KQED's award-winning Forum, a news and public affairs program that concentrates on the arts, culture, health, business, and technology.

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Has Ph.D. Before coming to KQED Public Radio in 1993, Dr. Krasny hosted a night-time talk program for KGO Radio and co-anchored the weekly KGO television show Nightfocus. He hosted Bay TV’s Take Issue, a nightly news analysis show, programs for KQED Public Television, KRON television, and NPR, and did news commentary for KTVU television. He has also served as host of NPR’s Talk of the Nation.


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Traffic Fines Disproportionately Hurt California’s Poor

Micheal Krasny
KQED Radio (NPR) (Northern California)
April 8, 2015
Forum on NPR discuss a new report by legal aid and civil rights groups, which found traffic courts and fees disproportionately impact the state's most vulnerable populations. (Length: 51:43)

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