Don’t cut Legal Services’ budget

Cutting funding for civil legal services is a terrible idea with human and financial costs says this editorial.

Editorial (Florida, NATIONAL)

Miami Herald
June 1, 2015
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC), Legal Services of Greater Miami (LSGMI), Coast to Coast Legal Services of South Florida


In other words, the people about whom America’s rhetoric claims to care deeply — veterans who defended our freedoms, children, families, the mistreated — risk being victimized twice, once by unscrupulous or insensitive institutions and again by being unable to find legal counsel.

Lawmakers in the U.S. House must be able to persuasively answer the question: How will this serve the greater good?

We’ll make it easy for them: It won’t. Instead, the 20-percent cut will foist more residents onto already overloaded local facilities and services.

As a result of the work that local Legal Services offices do, fewer people become homeless because the lawyers help veterans access benefits that they have been denied; they go to court for residents facing foreclosure and eviction.