Additional legal aid funding is a note of compassion from legislature

In this editorial, the Dallas Morning News applauds the Texas state legislature for increasing funding for civil legal aid.
Editorial (Texas)

Rudolph Bush
Dallas Morning News
June 4, 2015
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Last month, our newspaper called on the legislature to do more to provide legal aid funding. Why? It’s not about lawsuits. It’s about helping veterans get access to benefits. It’s about helping seniors get access to prescriptions. It’s about helping victims of domestic abuse get to safety. It’s about ensuring families facing foreclosure can stay in their homes through the process.

Legal aid benefits all Texans because it helps keep the poorest among us from falling farther behind and needing more costly social services.

This session, after constant work from Hecht and Guzman, the legislature responded beyond our expectations.

First, the state cut loose $10 million from the sexually oriented business tax for legal aid to victims of sexual assault. Then, it added another $3 million for veterans (this was almost entirely the work of Hecht).