Why Boston Students Created A ‘Know Your Rights’ App

How a group of Boston Public School students have turned to the power and popularity of technology to empower peers to be aware of their rights while in school.

News Story (Massachusetts)

Peter Balonon-Rosen
WBUR-FM (local NPR, Boston)
June 16, 2015
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Tags: Delivery Systems, Innovation, School-to-Prison Pipeline, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS)


“We have these laws that are supposed to combat the school-to-prison pipeline,” says McIntyre, who is sponsored at GBLS by Staples and Boston law firm Wilmer Hale. “The bigger problem is that often people just don’t know about those laws and they’re just not always followed. If students know what the laws are, then they can advocate for themselves.”

This school year McIntyre has represented over 50 students from Boston Public Schools or Boston area charter schools, most of whom, she says, have had their rights violated. Since September, she’s prevented 124 days of unlawful suspensions for those students.