Put Lawyers Where They’re Needed

Millions of Americans lack crucial legal services. Yet enormous numbers of lawyers are unemployed. Why can’t the supply of lawyers match the demand? This op-ed explains.


Theresa Amato
New York Times (NYT)
June 17, 2015
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Tags: Legal Needs, Pro Se/Self-Help

Organizations mentioned/involved: Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA), Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


In most service industries, such an epic imbalance of supply and demand would entice more entrepreneurs. But the legal profession has failed to do so.


To create the entire sector of sustainable, affordable legal service providers that the legal profession needs will take much more entrepreneurship. There’s no shortage of lawyers to bridge the justice gap. For the last four years, less than 60 percent of law-school graduates have found full-time jobs requiring a bar qualification.


The profession remains over-focused on training lawyers to serve the needs of corporations. And the law schools have lunched off the high tuition rates enabled by this arrangement for far too long.