New York City foster care: stories from children and parents the system failed

A watchdog report reveals the Administration of Children’s Services has abused its power in family courts, wrongly taken children into custody and inadequately assisted those it claims to help.

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Daniel Medina
July 1, 2015
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Tags: Children & Juvenile

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City), Bronx Defenders


ACS does not have removal power, except in extreme cases, and must take all its cases before a judge in family court. In court, children and parents are separately represented; typically by lawyers from Legal Aid Society or by a pro-bono private attorney.

Family court is unique in the American legal apparatus. It is a civil court that falls outside American criminal law, thus the sixth amendment right to a speedy trial clause does not apply. This means that a case can languish for years with no resolution. The public advocate’s report highlighted that more than a quarter of the hotline’s respondents said they had lived in foster care for three to five years with an additional more than 20% reporting betweenfive to 10 years. In only 10% of cases was the child returned to their birth parent.