Appeals court upholds ruling in Connecticut food stamp case

A federal appeals court has determined people applying for food stamps in Connecticut have the right to sue the state over delays in processing their applications.

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Associated Press (AP)
July 7, 2015
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA)


Lucy Potter, a lawyer for Greater Hartford Legal Aid, said Tuesday she hopes the decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, released on Monday, will ultimately encourage DSS to continue its efforts to improve how long it takes to process applications.

“We want a little more improvement and we want to make sure it stays that way,” she said.

Federal law requires DSS to process applications in 30 days, or seven days in cases of dire need. When Greater Hartford Legal Aid and the National Center for Law and Economic Justice first filed the lawsuit on behalf of food stamp applicants in 2012, hundreds of people had waited over 90 days for their applications to be processed and thousands had waited over 45 days.